FARMER’S CHOICE is a subsidiary company of the INTERNATIONAL TRADE & MARKETING N.V. and opened its doors on the first of September 2015 at 202 Fred Derbystreet  in Paramaribo and was founded in order to give the growing agriculture and horticulture industry better service.

Our customers profit from our worldwide network in sourcing the most valuable and high quality products for the sector.

We offer you selected and well proven farming and forestry tools and machinery together with safety products in the sector from around the world.

High quality products at competitive prices remain the focus while customers are assured of up to date delivery of their orders


Our product range features:

  • Chain saws from HUSQVARNA (Sweden), trimmers and brush cutters from HUSQVARNA and MARUYAMA (Japan)
  • Generators, water pumps from ROBIN/SUBARU USA/JAPAN
  • Chain saw chains and bars from BLOUNT/CARLTON (USA)
  • Safety products (helmets, gloves, lenses, fall protection systems, clothing) from CLIMAX (Spain)
  • Chippers and shredders for the best urban solution from TRAPP (BRAZIL)
  • Compost from our company owned green compost facility in the district of Wanica in Suriname
  • Welders wear and safety glasses from famous brands from all over the world
  • Garden tools and spraying equipment from DAL DEGAN (Italy), MARUYAMA (Japan) and DELTA POWER (China)
  • Heavy duty cultivators, walk behind two wheel tractors from DELTA POWER
  • Garden and rural products for animal rotation from TRAPP (Brazil)
  • Cassava flour
  • Producing equipment from Brazil
  • And a huge selection of valuable products from around the globe of interest to consumers and professionals in the sector.

    Visit us at our INTRAMAR store at the corner of the Prinsen- and Timmermanstraat 17 in Paramaribo Center, at our showroom at the corner of Kopstraat and Fred Derbystraat 202 in the Southern district of Paramaribo or just email us at or